Fundraising sucks + Movies are awesome = Solution.

FilmRaiser supports critical student programs, non-profits and other great organizations by providing premiere access to Hollywood's biggest new films as fundraisers. Thousands of schools have already signed up! (You do not have to be 501c3 tax exempt).

Share IN the box office revenue of a Hollywood film's opening weekend.

  • EARN $1.00 FOR EVERY MOVIE TICKET bought by supporters of your school or cause.
  • ALL WEEKEND LONG (Thursday through Sunday).
  • AT ANY THEATER showing the film, nationwide.
  • NO LIMIT on ticket sales.
  • With tickets for sale IN ADVANCE.
  • FRIENDS & FAMILY IN OTHER CITIES can see the movie too and support your cause.


Register your school or cause to hear about upcoming movies. Every cause in our program has a unique link to Fandango or Atom Tickets that tracks your sales. (We host these links on our website—so that you don't have to remember any messy promo codes or urls!) All you have to promote is the NAME OF YOUR CAUSE—and : )

When movie tickets go on sale:

  1. SEND everyone to
  2. When they SELECT YOUR CAUSE—your link will POP-UP.
  3. CLICK through to Fandango or Atom—and any tickets bought will track to your cause. 

After opening weekend we will send you a check. : )


Our Mission

Filmraiser is a groundbreaking initiative that has Hollywood investing in local communities — helping students build self-esteem and achieve personal goals, often inspired by the very films students rush to see.


How We Stand Out

Different from existing social action campaigns for films which hope to inspire action, the Filmraiser model is integrated such that seeing the film is the action. Schools use the box office to pay for critical student programs like art, athletics, drama and music. Many have even directed the funds to support a charity that is important to them.


Zero Cost

Filmraiser is FREE for schools and non-profits. No setup or cleanup required—just a safe, social event with your friends and community.



Schools are critically underfunded and scrambling to fill the void left by junk food fundraising. Most schools have already banned junk food altogether, including candy bar fundraisers, citing health concerns like childhood obesity and the steep rise in diabetes.

Filmraiser is a fun and healthy alternative to forcing mountains of sugar onto kids.


Better Marketing

Meanwhile, studios repeatedly spend $25-$80 million on disposable marketing campaigns for each new film (billions spent each year). These are costly efforts that offer no guarantee on turnout. Filmraiser enables students to see giant Hollywood movies and keep a meaningful percentage of the box office to benefit school programs.

The word-of-mouth conversation generated around each movie is more personal, trusted, and it curbs the need for wasteful traditional studio ad spending—by converting otherwise ignored awareness campaigns for new films into a more natural way to reach the intended audience efficiently, and with a local public benefit!