Thank you—And welcome to FilmRaiser! 

*** We just sent you a copy of your submission *** (If you do not receive it - check your junk folder). And please add us to your address book:



When movies are announced (every month or so)—you will receive an email invitation. Simply REPLY to the email if the movie suits your community—and we will reach you with everything you need! You will receive: 

  • Instructions on how to use it. 
  • And some digital artwork from the studio.  

Ps. - if you have questions in the meantime—we have a tons-o-infomation about the program on our FAQ page and in our Help Center to get you started.

Otherwise please find us and we will respond…it can get busy around we thank you in advance for your kind patience—and we are dedicated to seeing you succeed with this wonderful program!

See you at the movies!

Team FilmRaiser