To all our teachers, PTA parents and charity partners—whose kind words fuel our hearts:

"AWESOME!" - Van Junior High School

"I can't wait to do this again in the future!" - North Whitfield Middle School

"This is such a wonderful idea." - College View Middle School

"Looking forward to many more films!!" - Riverside High School Drama

"So easy and convenient!" - Union Heights Elementary

"Thank you so much for this opportunity!" - Maryville Elementary

"Great program. Looking forward to using it again." - Queen of Angels Regional Catholic School

"Our first time and it was great! So easy! So fun! Thank you!" - Wilson Wims PTA

"You guys ROCK!!! What a great idea! We will be using you again! Thanks for all your help." - River Valley Middle School

"Thank you for the opportunity! Good wholesome fun for families!" - Union Grove Middle School

"You have been a complete joy to work with as you are very organized and thorough! I look forward to partnering with Filmraiser again!" - St. Mary's Catholic School

"Thank you for making this such a simple fundraiser and getting our name out into the public." - Family Support Center of Barry County

"I can't wait to use this for all the different clubs in our school! Thank you for a such a wonderful opportunity!" - Sanbornton Central School

"Thank you so much!" - Pin Oak School

"Love this program!!" - Tuckahoe Youth Football Association

"This is an awesome fundraiser and it has helped our school maintain our wellness initiative by providing a fundraiser that does not involve food!" - North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary

"Thank you for this opportunity. Our school really appreciates all the help." - Emerson Elementary School

"We had a great experience with FilmRaiser, and look forward to the next opportunity to work with them. Wonderful customer service and attention. - Zachary Taylor Elementary PTA

"Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity!" - Doral Performing Arts & Entertainment Academy

"This was a very exciting way to do a fundraiser, especially since everyone loves the movies and it doesn't cost anything additional to benefit from it!" - Thomas Chapel AME Church Youth

"Thank you very much! The money is greatly needed and appreciated!" - Mad River Middle School

"Thank you so much! Looking forward to more opportunities." - Valleyview Elementary PTA

"Super easy." - Clint Small Middle School

"Please let us know when the next event is... :)" - Doak High School Soccer

"This was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do another one!" - Pleasant Union 5th grade

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate in a SIMPLE fundraiser! We look forward to participating in the future!" - Amelia Elementary

"I love this idea! I hope to continue to do more of these in the future :)" - Hobbton High Art Club

"Thank you so much for your contribution! - S. J. Welsh Middle School Aerospace Science Club

"Great easy way to raise money for students!" - Plank North Elementary PTSA

"This was a wonderful experience. I really appreciate all the updates & marketing materials to help us promote our fundraiser. Thank you!" - Guilford Middle School

"We enjoyed participating in the filmraiser program and we hope to do it again....soon!" - Faith Christian School

"Thank you so much! We look forward to doing this again!" - Bedford Middle School Athletics

"I think this is a great fundraiser. Thank you!" - Nob Hill Elementary School PTA

"Thank you! It was a lot of fun! We will definitely be doing this again!" - PVW Adult Development Center

"Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity to raise money for our organization." - Connersville Middle School

"Thank you!" - Fairmount PTA

"Thank you." - Bryant Elementary PTO

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to raise money with your organization!" - Sun Valley Relay for Life Team

"This is a GREAT idea! Thank you for your thoughtfulness." - Parker Bennett Curry Elementary School

"Great Program! Thank you!!" - Crescent Park Elementary School

"Thanks so much!" - Eagleview Elementary School

"Thanks!☺️Looking forward to upcoming movie events. - Variety Children's Charity

"A great opportunity to raise needed funds without sending kids out to sell items. Thank you!!!" -Marshalltown High School Show Choir

"Thank you for this opportunity. My family and I really enjoyed the movie." - Geneva High School

"Great program!" - Marguerite Montgomery Elementary PTA

"Parents thought this was a very nice way of helping our school. Thank you for doing this..." -Washington Township Elementary

"This was an awesome and super easy fundraiser!" - Westchester Academy for International Studies

"BEST fundraiser EVER!" - Randall High School TAFE

"Excellent Pragram!! Thanks to help our team!!" - Miramar Mermaids Synchro Team

"Please keep us posted on future films with your company." - Clinton Massie Vocal Fund

"Great project to help kids all over!" - Hugo High School

"Thanks for an amazing why to raise money for our kindergarten classes." - Payson Elementary School

"Thank you! Please let me know when you are doing this again!" - Bullard TALENT Art Room


"Awesome program!" - St. John Elementary School

"Thank you for this opportunity." - Stagg Elementary

"Thank you so much! We look forward to the next one!" - Dublin Elementary

"Thank you so much for the opportunity!" - Prospect Hill School

"Thank you for this opportunity, we are excited to go to more movies with y'all." - Focus Academy

"Thanks for a really simple fundraiser. Can't wait to see how much we made." - Foothill Elementary

"This was such a great and easy fundraiser! Thanks for doing all the "grunt" work to make it easy on us. We hope to make this an even more successful event next movie, now that we know how everything works." - Bonham Middle School - National Junior Honor Society

"Thank you!!" - Montecito Union School

"This is a FANTASTIC idea and I hope that it was received well by our school!" - Center Road PTO

"Excellent idea! Easy to use. Thank you!" - Lafayette Tecumseh Choirs

"Using online promotion and Fandango is soooo much easier than when you did physical tickets. Filmraiser allowed us to participate easily, even in the low-SES community we have. It was a quick, simple way to allow anyone to participate and support our program! Thank you for the updated system!" - Roosevelt HS Theatre

"This is such a creative, fun, & easy fundraiser!!" - John E Riley Elementary School PTSO

"We are excited to do this more often." - Urbana High School Safe and Sane Inc.

"Thank you so much for allowing this opportunity! Easy and fun!" - South River Music Boosters

"I am grateful that this opportunity existed! Thank you to those who made it possible!" - Nome-Beltz Yearbook Class

"Looking forward to working with you! This was a quick turn around and we appreciate your flexibility!!!!" - Ladybird Academy of Winter Garden

"This fundraiser was super rad. We can't wait to participate again." - Vista del Valle Elementary School

"This was so much fun- would love to do this again with another movie!" - Meadow Drive PTA

"We would like to do it again!" - North Falmouth Elementary School

"This is a phenomenal program, keep up the great work! This fundraiser was a hit with the dance families! Thank you!" - South Pacific Island Dancers

"Your awesome!" - Western Christian School

"Love this, thanks so much!!" - Woodside PTA

"Thank you so much for helping us with this!! I hope to work with you again on the next movie!!"  -Blaine High School Safe & Sober Grad Night

"Thank you for presenting this fundraiser to us, very easy. - Plymouth Community Intermediate PTA

"This is a really unique way to raise funds. Thank you for including us, and please let us know when the next one is!" - Landstown High School Chorus

"It was great! The most I sweated was when I had to carry my popcorn and 2 sodas back to me seat!"   -PS 340 "Save the Arts"

"This was easy to participate in and we appreciate your support!" - George Walton Academy

"Looking forward to many Filmraisers to come!" - Perry Meridian Academy Physical Educdation

"Thank you for allowing us to raise money for our school in such a fun way. We appreciate your support for our school and education in general." - Northeast Elementary

"VERY EASY!" - Early Childhood School at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church

"Thanks! This was one of the easiest fundraisers we've done!" - Park View Middle School

"Thank you, I'd like to participate again." - St Cloud State University

"Thank you for giving us this opportunity! The process was easy and simple." - Doby Elementary PTA

"What a great program! Simple and valuable. Thank you!" - East Rockaway High School - Dignity Club

"Thank you very much." - Port Dickinson Elementary School

"Excited to participate again!" - Bearden Middle School

"Thank you so much for an effortless fundraiser! You made this easy and convenient. I'm so excited to have worked with you all. I look forward to using you again." - Paterson Elementary School

"Thanks for this awesome opportunity to raise money for the school and show some school spirit! We organized a Rose Valley Night at the Movies. It was great seeing friends and staff come out to enjoy a movie together." - Rose Valley Elementary School

"Looking forward to participating in another FILMRAISER." - Grafton High School PTSA

"This was an amazing experience! Thank you! We will do it again!" - Eastwood High School

"Please let us know of all available events. Thanks." - Bowman Ashe Doolin K-8 Academy PTO

"Can't wait to see what films are next." - Sewell Elementary School

"It was a great experience! We plan on doing it again :)" - De Praga Montessori

"The community was very excited about this film. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in it." -Brownsville ISD

"It was a wonderful experience, thank you for all your help in creating this special event. We can't wait to do it again." - McAuliffe Early Education Center

"I really liked this fundraiser. No upfront costs for our organization but a great way to get families who don't like to sell products to help support our organization." - Cohoes Performing Arts Booster Club

"It is an awesome idea." - Davis Elementary

"This was a really easy fundraiser, we will definitely participate again." - Whittier Elementary PTA

"Great program!!!!" - Keystone Academy PTO

"Thank you! This was a breeze! :)" - Hackett Elementary School

"Thank you for all the help!" - Cadott High School FBLA