You've got questions? We've answers!

Here is some quick info about FilmRaiser to help you succeed:

  • FilmRaiser welcomes both schools and other great community organizations; including local sports teams, clubs, churches, youth programs, non-profits and many fundraising groups. 

  • (You do not have to be 501c3 tax exempt). 

  • FilmRaiser works at ANY MOVIE THEATER where tickets can be bought on—(and sometimes on also); and on their apps.

  • $1.00 per movie ticket comes back to your organization—from any ticket bought on Fandango (or Atom) to any showing of the promoted film on opening weekend. (Tickets can be bought in advance).

  • Studios decide which films they want as fundraisers—then FilmRaiser notifies all of the organizations registered for updates.

  • The opportunity runs ALL OPENING WEEKEND LONG (including Thursday night if the film opens a night early).

  • PLUS—your link works ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. Anywhere in the US where someone buys tickets to see the promoted film through your cause's LINK on our website—money comes back to your cause! Your community can promote the event to relatives and friends nationwide.

  • After local friends and family, co-workers and community have been included—schools should reach out to friends and relatives in other cities to participate by using your cause's LINK. An awesome way to take your fundraiser national! : )

  • We'll notify you every month or so whenever movies become available as fundraisers—with several weeks notice to promote.

  • Participate as often as you like. Select the movies that fit your community.

  • After the event we will mail a check to your organization. (Usually sent within 4 weeks).

  • Before we send your check we will ask whom to make the check out to (and in some rare cases we may ask for the tax ID of your group).

What does it cost the school to setup a FilmRaiser movie event?

Nothing.  Schools are under severe financial duress. Most fundraising programs force you to buy a product of some kind upfront, (candy, gift wrap, etc) exposing the school to financial risk. FilmRaiser was designed to raise money for schools without burdening them. To ensure the quality of the program we verify all of our participating organizations.


How do our supporters buy tickets?

As soon as tickets go on sale, (often two weeks before a film's release): 

  1. SEND your supporters to
  2. They will SELECT your cause.
  3. Then CLICK THROUGH to Fandango/Atom.

Tickets bought through that link track back to your cause!


How do I know the tickets I bought benefit my cause? 

The WEB LINK you click is unique for each organization. It tracks invisibly via the back-end of our website to anywhere you travel on Atom or Fandango.


As an organization can we track our ticket sales?

We are actively working on a system where schools can track sales in real-time, while also seeing who has donated already, (if the donor wants their support publicly known). For the moment, Fandango and Atom report ticket sales to us after the weekend—which is when you will receive an email with your total sales.


How much time do we get to promote?

We prefer to let organizations know about upcoming films with several weeks notice.


How do we find out what films are coming up?

We will email you periodically with updates! (Make sure our email addresses are in your address book so that updates don't end up in spam folders).


Our local theater is not supported on Atom or Fandango—can we participate?

Regretfully, for the time We rely on their tracking ability to verify ticket purchases. Fandango and Atom Tickets are adding theater partners all the time. Do check back! Thank you. 


How do we avoid convenience fees?

If you are a member of a theater's loyalty program (i.e. AMC Stubbs, etc) —Fandango and Atom will waive your convenience fee. Otherwise we rely on the reliable tech that our ticketing partners have skillfully engineered—and like any other ticketing platform they need to pay their employees. As such, they must charge a processing fee. We thank you for understanding. 


Do we have enough time to promote?

You will generally get 3-4 weeks to promote. But if you signed only a few days before opening weekend—no problem! The real advantage of FilmRaiser is that it pairs with people's natural habits for seeing movies. Normally people decide the movie they're seeing only hours beforehand, often at the theater. By reaching people even a few days before the film opens you are already way ahead of the curve!

Which school clubs can raise money using FilmRaiser?

Any school club can use the revenue from FilmRasier: Drama, Athletic Teams, Music, Students Council. Many schools simply raise the money for a personal charity they support.


Our school has more than one club that wants to participate...

Absolutely. If the school is large enough and clubs agree, they can each have their own unique link and compete! The club that scores the most fundraising will get a cash bonus from FilmRaiser.


Can I buy tickets with cash?

We believe that teachers should not have to be collection agents. The convenience of FilmRaiser is that NO CASH IS INVOLVED. We prefer that all transactions are via a trusted online ticketing platform. It's safer for students and simpler for schools. That said—we have some schools where one faculty member buys 100 tickets on behalf of her students who then bring in cash. (Ultimately that teacher still has to buy all of the tickets online...)


I am a teacher (or PTA parent), what is required of me?

First off, teachers are amazing, (PTA parents too!) Thank you for choosing FilmRaiser. We work for you.

In short—this will be the EASIEST event you ever participate in.

You will need to:

  1. Pick a school club or charity to benefit from the FilmRaiser.

  2. Clear it with the Admin/Principal. 

  3. Organize a team to promote the event. Make a guest list and reach supporters directly—on the phone or in person.

  4. Enjoy the weekend—then look to see which Hollywood film is premiering next with Filmraiser!

  5. After each event we'll ask you whom to make the check payable to. And where to send it. 


I am a student—how do I get Filmraiser at my school?

Is it your club that will benefit from the event? Have a teacher or parent involved in the club sign up here. Then get ready to let people know about the movie and have a great time!


How do I make an Origami crane?

This one’s a classic. Impress at any party:  Crane me!


Have another question? Ask away!